Nov 23

My projects in Codeskulptor

The interactive python programming class is really a great course from Coursera. The course aims at teaching basic python programming using the codeskulptor. Codeskulptor is an online python interpreter that runs in the browser created by one of the professors teaching the course. The course is conducted by Rice University professors.These professors are really cool in that they play games like Warcraft themselves, wear game T-shirts and have fun even in the lectures. The links for my projects in codeskulptor are given here. Just press the run button and play.

  1.  Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock.
  2. Guess the number: Guess the number chosen by the computer
  3. Stopwatch : stop the timer at exact time when the count shows a whole second (should be x.xx.0)
  4. 2 player Pong : controls W-S : Player1 ; up-down player-2
  5. Memory Game : pick cards with same number. Find all the 8 pairs to win.
  6. BlackJack : Hit till you get less than equal to 21. Stand if you dont want to draw another card.
  7. Rice Rocks : Hit the asteroids as much as possible within 3 lives. Space to shoot,left/ right to rotate and up key  to accelerate. Recommended to be played in Chrome

More games will be put up as deadlines for project submission end..

So sit back and enjoy. Comments are welcome :)

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