Vocopedia for Android is a vocabulary builder application containing a rich database of 3900+ words . The application provides a visually appealing flashcard interface.

A single flashcard displays the word, part of speech ,definition ,word usage and synonyms .

Ideal to use for Entrance and Competitive exams having Vocabulary or Verbal Section like

  • GRE
  • SAT
  • CAT

The words are meant to improve the vocabulary of the user. These words are divided into 90 decks in an alphabetical order.

Two versions of application are available:

Free version is a fully functional version with ads.

Pro version is an ad-free donate version and is available only in Amazon Android App-Store. The Pro version will be later sold through this site later.

If you find this application helpful, Please consider donating the developer to support application development . I’ll be really grateful. You can donate to me by buying the pro version or by using the Donate button below. Thank you.



The app can be used as to perform dictionary look-ups .

Flashcard and Deck Features:

You can shuffle your decks ,pick a random deck or simply use a completely random deck called surprise deck to challenge yourself. The app will throw random words at you and in this way you can test your vocabulary knowledge.This will ultimately help you in preparing for your exams and eventually improve your English.

Hangman – The Fun Quotient:

Vocabulary and Flashcards can be a boring exercise. Lets add some fun element. The fun element of this app is the Hangman game which provokes you to guess the word from its meaning.


Apart from that you can listen to pronunciations.There is a feature called auto-pronounce which will pronounce the word whenever you go to a new flashcard.

User Guide:

The  User Guide will be put up soon on this site:

Till that time, the user guide can be seen at VocopediaHelp 

Contact The Developer:

If you have any suggestions , queries , complaints or a  feature request , feel free to mail the developer at AkDroid

Reviews and Recommendations:

If you have a review of the app we will feature it here, just mail the developer at AkDroid .